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Molecular Epidemiology is a Course

Molecular Epidemiology



Full course description

The application of molecular biology as a tool in various disciplines impacts the investigation of infectious diseases. This course will provide a comprehensive overview on the core molecular approaches that are and can be used in addressing population medicine issues and application of molecular techniques in our understanding of the etiology, transmission and control of infectious diseases that are important to veterinary medicine and public health. Theoretical and practical aspects of various molecular biology methods will be discussed in the context of epidemiological studies of infectious diseases including both bacterial and viral infections of veterinary and zoonotic significance.

Lecture topics will cover the principles and application of various molecular techniques to problems of infectious diseases; population and evolutionary genetics of pathogenic microorganisms; data analysis and interpretation. Lecture materials will also be supported with literature review of relevant manuscripts.

Students planning to take this course are expected to have had some backgrounds in infectious diseases and molecular biology.

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